2018 Summer Disciple  (More...)

From July 15 through 20, thirteen members of our FPCY family will be working on a variety of service opportunities in Chicago as they seek to “See the face of God in the City”... (More...)

  Our May Midnight Run was quite successful — all of the clothes, toiletry kits and food were given out! There was little to clean up other than the soup pot and rinse out coffee... (More...)

As you know, we now have a Full Choice model at the Food Pantry, where our clients can choose items that best fulfill the needs of their household. We buy food in bulk from... (More...)

On Saturday, August 11 our Food Pantry will distribute school supplies to children. We will be purchasing kits of supplies for the younger grades, and asking the congregation to bring... (More...)

Scripture reading: 2 Corinthians 4:5-12, Mark 4:35-41 Sermon by Chip Low: The Other Side of Fear … Is Faith Click here to read the worship bulletin. To download the audio of... (More...)

The Stewardship Commission invites everyone to the annual Ice Cream Social after the 10:00 service. As we round the mid-point of the year, we’d like to give thanks... (More...)

Are you or someone you know an artist? FPCY will be holding our second annual Arts and Crafts Fair on Saturday November 17. For more information see our Facebook page or our webpage.  (More...)

Scripture readings:  Psalm 139:1-18, 2 Corinthians 4:5-12 Sermon by Tami Seidel:  Holding on to Hope Click here to read the worship bulletin. To download the audio of the sermon,... (More...)

Can you recycle coffee cups or greasy pizza boxes? If you’re tossing things in the recycling bin out of sheer hope, you might be an “aspirational recycler.” One of the areas... (More...)


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