After quite the unusual summer, we’re getting Youth Groups back in action! Middle Schoolers (grades 6-8), put these dates on your calendar: Wednesdays, September 16 & 30, Zoom... (More...)

Our Middle School gatherings take place  Wednesdays, at 5 pm. Our High School gatherings take place  Sunday evenings at 7 pm. (To get the connection info, ask Stephanie or check... (More...)

It’s Wednesday! (How did that happen again so quickly and/or slowly?) This week, we are changing things up a bit in our schedule of online Youth Gatherings: Our Middle School... (More...)

It’s been really great connecting with everyone who’s been able to join us so far for our online Youth gatherings! While it’s not nearly as awesome as seeing you... (More...)

Hey everybody! It’s Wednesday again! Join us this evening for our online Youth Gatherings! Middle School Youth – 5 pm  High School Youth – 7 pm    Get... (More...)

Last Wednesday, we had our first ever Youth Gatherings via Zoom, and it was so great that we’re going to do it again this week. Our groups will meet at the following times on... (More...)

Hello everyone! Soooo… How’s it going? Crazy times, huh? I saw a meme online in the last couple of days that said something like, “With church doors shutting across... (More...)

BIG THANKS to everyone who came out for the Pancake Supper: our cooks, our servers, our decorators, and our diners! A good time was indeed had by all and you all came together to create... (More...)

Hey everyone! Hope everyone has had a great February break from school, whether it was the whole week off or a nice long weekend last weekend! Also hope you’ve got these two... (More...)

We’ve got a lot of Youth stuff going on in February! Check out these important dates and see below for more info on each: All Youth: Sunday Feb 9, 3-6 pm – help us bring... (More...)

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