Adult Education

Bible “Study” is perhaps a misnomer in our church. Our Adult Ed, or Faith4Life programs, are about:

  • Sharing our individual faith journeys with one another.
  • Wrestling with life’s tough questions – e.g. “If God is a loving God, why do the innocent suffer?”
  • Exploring what God is calling me, as a Christian, to be and do in the world?
  • Studying the Bible and other challenging writings by great people of faith.

While our emphasis is on the Bible and other Christian writings, we also explore the wisdom of other faith traditions. We provide a safe place to bring our doubts and we challenge one another to grow. Although we may disagree with one another, we support one another in our search. We find affirmation in our search for the truth as we strive to “live the questions now.”

There are many opportunities to take part in our Faith4Life programs. Below are some of our “standard” times during the programmatic year (generally mid-September to mid-June); other studies may run for a few weeks at other times of the week.

  • Tuesdays from 10-11:30AM
  • Thursdays from 10-11:30AM
  • Sundays from 8:45-9:45AM
  • Women’s Circle, first Wednesday of the month from 10:30AM-Noon

ALL are welcome to attend any of these sessions! The Thursday study is set up that you can “pop in” when you can. The other study times cover a reading that is done beforehand, so a little prep is required before attending.

Please contact the church office if you would like more information about our Faith4Life program.

Our most recent adult education post is listed here. Other posts are listed below.

Congregational Art Project

We have decided to have the art show in late Fall, when we are ALL together again in person.

When you read the Bible, do you “see” images? Do you “smell” the flowers? “Taste” the fruit? The Faith Formation Commission invites you to use your imagination and help us bring the Bible to life. Here’s the plan:

  • Pick a Bible story or scripture passage that speaks to you. Here are some examples to spark your creativity.
  • You provide your imagination and paint, draw, sculpt, photograph, quilt, dance, write a poem, build a Lego model or [fill in the blank with your creative talent] to illustrate the passage.
  • Write a brief statement reflecting on how the passage spoke to you and what it was like to create a piece of art about it.
  • If you would some help or support with your art project, we will connect you with a volunteer mentor artist from the congregation.

See a discussion of the project from Connie Knapp and Eric Kreuter.

We would like to display your creations at a community art show in late fall.

We encourage submissions by individuals, families, groups of friends, or even entire commissions! Submission form and list of mentors to follow. Questions? Contact Connie ( or Eric (

Artist Mentors Wanted

Do you paint or draw? Take photographs? Quilt? Build models? Are you a Lego expert? Is there some other artistic medium you use to express yourself?

“Bringing the Bible to Life” is a project of the Faith Formation Commission that invites members of the congregation to illustrate Bible scenes using whatever medium they choose: painting, sculpting, photography, sewing, etc.

The goal is a community show to be held in the Spring of 2021 where all submissions will be displayed.

  • We are looking for artist mentors to provide guidance, suggestions and support.
  • We will be providing Scripture passages for members of the congregation to illustrate in any way they choose.

We’d like to also provide a list of artist mentors, members of the congregation who would be willing to be available if needed.Artist mentors will be encouraged to submit something also, so know that serving as a mentor doesn’t prevent you from participating in the project.

If you are willing and able to accept our invitation, please contact Connie Knapp (, or Eric Kreuter ( and let us know that you’d like to volunteer, and also tell us the medium (or media) you work in!

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