Capital Campaign

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Summer Project Recap

While our building was full of the sounds of children at the summer music camp over the last few months, Operations & Campaign projects continued. Here are a few highlights:

  • New rock garden completed across from the butterfly garden
  • New beautiful wooden signs made and installed by Dick Seymour!
  • Installation of commercial cooling ductless units in Room 5 for Pantry Storage
  • Paved lot & driveway were resealed, lines repainted
  • Shrub trimming around the property
  • Labyrinth guest log, storage box, and signage installed
  • Reconfigured room 1 (rehearsal space) & room 2 (Garrett’s office)
  • Resurfaced the floor in room 14, making it the new youth room
  • Tombstone restoration project (straightening) – now up to 186 completed!
  • Split Rail Fence repair


Many thanks for Dick, Jerry and Bud for taking the lead on many of these projects.

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