We are letting you know about a local project raising food this Spring and Summer for food pantries. Some Yorktown and Peekskill houses of worship, including our own, are working a... (More...)

We have an easy way for you to help support our mission trips – bring in your bottles and cans that have a deposit and let the Mission Trip Team collect your refund! There is a specially... (More...)

Earth Day falls on Easter Sunday this year. Join us as we celebrate Earth Day on the following Sunday, April 28. Our theme will be Stewards of the Earth as we celebrate all of the... (More...)

Saturday, April 6 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at FDR State Park In addition to properly labelled household chemicals and other special wastes found in a typical household, residents can... (More...)

This information is excerpted from the Cornell Cooperative Extension fact sheet “Lawn Care without Pesticides.”  Can home lawns be maintained without pesticides? Yes,... (More...)

On December 1 we “Greened” the Sanctuary with wreaths, roping, and our Christmas Tree. It will soon come time to “De-green” our space. In the past these materials have simply... (More...)

NO, NO, NO! Let’s not! How about this year we make a sincere effort to “go green”? Let’s recycle. Here are some ideas. I’ll start off with an oldie but a goodie. Separately... (More...)

Have you ever wondered about the life of a soda can? More than likely you have not. For some time now, Fellowship Hall has been home to recycle bins in an effort for our church to... (More...)

From Teatown: From October to December we will take aim at waste reduction and conscious consumerism, exploring the concept of zero waste and the steps we can take toward... (More...)

The Westchester County Department of Environmental Facilities is hosting three household recycling days this fall, to help residents dispose of garbage that requires special handling.... (More...)

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