Join us (virtually) on June 28 at noon as we hear from Gillian Rosh about novel ways to treat our “precious plastic” and upcycle it into new uses. The purpose of the talk... (More...)

More Tips For Reducing Plastic Use Start a small garden so you don’t have to buy vegetables at the store. This may seem like a big task but if you start small it’s not... (More...)

Our Bookkeeper, Stephanie Hare, reports that our last electricity bill had only the minimum, basic service charge of about $48. We generated all the electricity we needed using our... (More...)

Hi Everyone, On Earth Day Sunday I talked to you all about really reducing your use of plastic while we’re at home at this time. Plastic is bad for every living thing on our... (More...)

Scripture readings: Job 12:7-10; Esther 4:3-4, 12-14 Reflections by Lily Wallace and Stephanie Hare: The Fierce Urgency of Now Read the worship bulletin. Download the audio of the... (More...)

Join us for our online Earth Day worship service on April 19 at 10:45 on our Facebook page. There will be no in-person participation.  (More...)

Please support our Middle School Youth Group’s initiative to recycle the things you “can’t recycle” through your local municipality. Use the special “Terracycle” bins near... (More...)

HRP Green has issued a Lenten Zero Waste Challenge for congregations. Here are some options for you to take to help meet this challenge: You are always welcome to bring in food for... (More...)

Our solar panels started generating energy when they were installed last fall, but due to technical difficulties we hadn’t been able to actually see how much energy we were saving.... (More...)

Have you seen our solar panels? We hope so! As part of our Capital Campaign we have been able to put solar panels on our roof. Not only will we be getting our energy from a renewable... (More...)

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