DID YOU KNOW?   The FPCY Food Pantry has a matching grant that is critical to our ability to serve the hungry.  The grant will match up to $10,000 per year in monetary... (More...)

Have you ever marveled at how many upcoming activities and events are mentioned during announcements at worship or in the Disciple? Have you ever wondered how so many things... (More...)

A gift to the Peace & Global Witness Offering enables the church to promote the Peace of Christ by addressing systems of injustice across the world. Individual congregations are... (More...)

Scripture Lesson:  Luke 10:25-37. Reflections by Ryan Chin, Max Tieche. Scripture Lesson: Mark 10:17-22. Reflections by Barbara Humphrey, Margaret Gruber, Sophie Low. To read... (More...)

Emma writes: From our itinerary so far, I’d like to pull out just a few pieces of my experience to share. First, I want to explain that this experience, from my own perspective,... (More...)

Did you know that Amazon will give 0.5% of eligible purchases to FPCY if you set the church as your designated charity in the Amazon Smile program? Just go to smile.amazon.com to set... (More...)

Elizabeth joins Grassroots as the fifth Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) to serve with the immigration team since 2012. The Young Adult Volunteer program with the Presbyterian Church (USA)... (More...)

“I am commissioned to follow Jesus and cross the borders that marginalize minority communities. I am asked to reflect on how I define ‘success’ and ‘abundance’... (More...)

The summer quickly draws to a close and we find ourselves back in our “normal” routines – kids are back in school, there are buses to catch, lunches to make, meetings and... (More...)

On Sunday, August 27, 2017, we commissioned Elizabeth Welliver and Emma Warman, who dedicate a year of their lives to learn what God is doing through them and in them. We hope to follow... (More...)

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