Rachel writes: In order to lay the groundwork for future posts, it seems fitting to begin with what I have learned and loved about my work placement at the Central Outreach and Advocacy... (More...)

Erin writes Today, I went out for coffee with a friend who is interested in doing the Young Adult Volunteer program. Toward the end, the conversation naturally turned toward what the... (More...)

Time to put the annual Giving Sunday on your calendar: Sunday, December 9. Choose from one (or all) of the following four giving opportunities at both our 8:30am and 10:45am services: Coats... (More...)

The Deacons operate a “Loaves & Fishes” ministry, which brings home-made meals to folks who have just returned home after a hospitalization or a rehab stay, for instance, and... (More...)

Groceries in Brown Paper Bag ca. 2002 DID YOU KNOW? The First Presbyterian Church of Yorktown Food Pantry has a matching Grant that is critical to their ability to serve the hungry.... (More...)

Would you like to learn more about the farmworkers about whom Richard Witt spoke on Sunday, November 11? Rural and Migrant Ministries has published their stories. These are the testimonies... (More...)

Erin writes: I’ve put off writing this post for a month. I wanted to be able to say with certainty, “This year is not a game for me. It is _______.” However, I can’t find those... (More...)

  Again in December we are asking for canned corn or canned tomatoes. These are among our most popular items and often not available at our “grocery store” —... (More...)

That phrase ‘everyone has a story, and every story matters’ has been strong on my heart since I have arrived here in Albuquerque. At Hope Works previously known as... (More...)

Richard Witt, Executive Director of the Rural & Migrant Ministry, will be our special guest preacher at both services on Peace & Justice Sunday (November 11th). Ordained as... (More...)

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