Canned fruit (and bottles of fruit juice) are popular items at our Food Pantry, and part of the requirement that we provide a balanced selection of fruit, vegetables, grains, and proteins. As... (More...)

SAVE THE DATE: JULY 18-25: Help with hurricane relief through the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Program. Adults and Youth 15 years old and older. INFORMATION MEETING: February 9,... (More...)

YAV Ailih reflects on Martin Luther King weekend. She writes So many people are oppressed by systemic powers telling them that their voice doesn’t matter or robbing them of their... (More...)

Read Langley’s post. On August 25 we commissioned Ailih Weeldreyer and Langley Hoyt as Young Adult Volunteers, who will both be serving in Washington, D.C. The Young Adult... (More...)

Langley writes: Jesus is the man who said, “blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God” (Matthew 5:9). My God calls us to make peace with one... (More...)

In 2017, the mission commission worked with the Bridges to Community organization to sponsor a trip to the Dominican Republic, the purpose of which was to rehab and expand a house in... (More...)

As you know, we now have a Full Choice model at the Food Pantry, where our clients can choose items that best fulfill the needs of their household. We buy food in bulk from Feeding... (More...)

Dear Church Family- Your faithful generosity throughout 2019 has made a substantial impact on many lives through our ministry together. We have much to celebrate: The addition of... (More...)

Each year in December we are able to give hats and mittens to our Food Pantry families through the generous donations to our hat and mitten tree, and especially due to the very generous... (More...)

Chip recently received a note from Jeanine Racioppo, Director of Development, Bridges to Community: Hello 2019 First Presbyterian Church of Yorktown trip attendees, Happy Holidays... (More...)

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