Help Needed for the Garden of Hope

Calling available gardeners!  We have decided to focus on getting the small FPCY section of the garden weeded and fenced (against rabbits at least) in the the next 2 weeks so it will be ready to receive the plant donations.  Overall, progress is being made with reducing the animals – one racoon, one groundhog and 2 rabbits have been relocated.  There are still a few rabbits living in or getting in.  The town has been working on the water spigot and often leave the gate open during the day, which doesn’t help.  Our focus is to have a manageable section of the garden ready to receive plants and to protect against animals.  I am gone this weekend, but Janet will be there on Saturday 6/8.  I will try to be there next Saturday 6/15.  Weeding is the first order of business, then fencing, then hopefully soon, planting.  You are welcome to stop by to work on your own timing too.  Reach out with questions! Thanks!

~Dawna Dennis