Please plan to join as we welcome Vilmarie Cintrón-Olivieri, who will be preaching at both services, and will join us for Faith4Life at 9:30, and break bread with us at lunch following... (More...)

We will have our annual Congregational Meeting along with a potluck brunch on Sunday, February 2, following the single service at 10am. We will hear reports from our many commissions... (More...)

Another year begins and it’s time for the FPCY Annual Meeting. On the first Sunday in February we will have ONE service at 10 am, with a Pot Luck lunch to follow in Fellowship... (More...)

FPCY is hosting the Presbytery of Hudson River on Tuesday, January 28. This means that 120-150 people from churches all over the Presbytery will be coming here to worship and conduct... (More...)

The monthly men’s breakfast will be at 7:30 am on January 18 (the third Saturday of the month). Join Chip for food, fellowship, and Faith in Fellowship Hall. All men are invited... (More...)

Friends, recent events here and around the world have heightened my awareness of our important presence in the neighborhood here in Yorktown and northern Westchester and the impact... (More...)

We have many expert bakers in our congregation– Let’s impress our guests with our most special cookies!  (More...)

All are invited to attend on January 19 at 4pm. In addition, FPCY choir/singers are invited to join the MLK community choir for this service. There are 2 rehearsals, and musicians/singers... (More...)

Friends. We are sorry to report that our church was one of the five targets of vandalism reported by the Yorktown Police yesterday. Thanks to Matt Hager, Vinny Wallace, and Lisa Flanagan... (More...)

On November 30 we “Greened” the Sanctuary with wreaths, roping, and our Christmas Tree. It will soon come time to “De-green” our space. In the past these materials have simply... (More...)

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