Community, Class, Race, Gender, Climate Change, Faith & Politics……. Where is our common ground? Our nation, our community, often feels divided on so many issues that... (More...)

Join us in Fellowship Hall on July 9 following the 10:00 am service for an Ice Cream Social to celebrate our Fruitful Ministry!  (More...)

How’s this for a catchy title — Jesus, Pope Francis, and a Protestant Walk into a Bar; Lessons for the Christian Church, by Paul Rock and Bill Tammeus? (270.8 R) This slim volume... (More...)

On June 18, we will celebrate our Graduates and honor the Men of the Church who have been fathers in faith to us.   (More...)

Celebrate the Spirit! Don’t forget to wear read on June 4 for Pentecost Sunday!  (More...)

Note that this summer, the time for our single worship service will be 10:00 am, not 9:30 am as it has in the past. The single service will continue through September 3.   (More...)

You can sign-up now for the Progressive Dinner on Saturday, June 10. You can also sign up on the board in the Gathering Space. This is a great event and offers a chance to meet new... (More...)

Our annual Spring Work Party is coming up May 6. You are invited to join us starting at 8:30am for both inside and outside clean-up work. There will be jobs for everyone! Please bring... (More...)

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