When a gunman killed five Amish children and injured five others in a Penn-sylvania schoolhouse in 2006, attention rapidly turned from the tragic events to the extraordinary forgiveness... (More...)

The Great Emergence; how Christianity is Changing and Why (270.8 T), Phyllis Tickle, long an astute observer of religion, examines a once-every-500-years trend within Christianity... (More...)

Marcus J. Borg and John Dominic Crossan join once again to present a new understand-ing of early Christianity–this time to reveal a radical Paul who has been suppressed by the... (More...)

New in the Church Library “Christianity has an image problem.” That’s the first sentence of UnChris-tian; what a new generation really thinks about Christianity... (More...)

If you attended or heard about Peter Rollins appearance at the church in October, you may want to follow up by reading some of his books. The Orthodox Heretic (230 R) is in the library’s... (More...)

An excerpt from a sermon by Rev. William J. Cumming on August 6, 1876. He was the congregation’s 10th pastor, serving from 1876 to 1906. This church antedates the Declaration of Independence... (More...)

Some of the highlights of 272 years of the First Presbyterian Church of Yorktown, which was organized in 1738. The church has had four names: 1. First Presbyterian Society 2. First... (More...)

From 1912-1926, during Mr. Roberts pastorate, Sunday worship was at 10:30 followed by Sunday School. All this was held in the Sanctuary as there were no other buildings at that time.... (More...)

As I look at the church I try to imagine how it was in the early days, and how time changes things. These are some of the changes that came about over time. As you pull up in front... (More...)

We will look back at the fifties which were very active and had a lot of growth in the church. Membership in 1950 was 118 members, in 1951 it was 168 members and in 1952 it was 175.... (More...)


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