Our Extra Pantry Today

A note from Katharine and Liam:

We planned the extra pantry for May 30 to avoid a 3-week gap between our regular pantry scheduled dates, and advertised it through all our normal channels and with a poster at the two previous pantries. It’s always a question what will happen when we make a change to our schedule.

Well the word certainly got out! We helped 230 families this week (the same number as on May 23, if we subtract the deliveries we made that day), including another 60 new enrollments. Slightly smaller family sizes, which was a blessing as we were just about right on produce, meat and egg supplies. The rain held off for yet another pantry, but we had the donated tents just in case. And the community donated over 200 boxes of cereal, enabling all our larger families to get some.

Online contributions to the Food Pantry as well as donations of the Item of the Month are most welcome. You can find more information, including our distribution schedule on our Food Pantry Page.