Packing Lightly at the Pantry

Many times what products list as a serving size does not accurately reflect how we eat. To better appreciate what the food we distribute means to each family, we invite you to see how far you can stretch what a family of equal size to yours would receive from our pantry. Below you will find the packing guidelines for families of various sizes. This amount of food is intended to be enough for three meals a day, for three days, for each person in the family. Could you feed your family on this amount of food for three days?

You can see photos of actual bags of food that we pack at our food pantry on our Facebook page.

Whether you choose to participate in this exercise physically or mentally, we encourage you to find your family’s size on the chart, take a walk in your neighbor’s shoes, and continue on this journey with us to understand food insecurity.

40 Cans for Lent invites us to donate 40 cans to the pantry over the 40 days of Lent and to do eight weekly practices that raise our awareness of the lives of those experiencing food insecurity. This pilgrimage isn’t simply about giving food. It’s also helping us see people around us in new ways and the challenges of a food-insecure life. Let’s walk in the wilderness with those experiencing food insecurity and supply our pantry for its ministry.