Healing Sacred Sites – A Special Tour Opportunity in Peekskill

HRP Green is organizing a tour on the Peekskill Trolley for a tour through the Hudson River Valley. In preparation for Holy Week and Easter, participants will

  • visit sites of environment death and resurrection near the Hudson River, at a local lake, and along the riverfront;
  • participate in liturgy reinforcing care for creation as a Lenten theme;
  • learn about the sites from local environmentalists;
  • leave with resources providing opportunities to respond.

Speakers include John Cronin, Senior Fellow for Environmental Affairs, Pace Academy for Applied Environmental Studies; John Neering, environmental teacher at the Scarsdale High School; and Nicole Crane-Messina, Peekskill Parks Advisory Board.  Seating on the trolley is limited.

Want more information? Speak with Connie Knapp. You can sign up here.