One Great Hour of Sharing


During this time of Lent, One Great Hour of Sharing is becoming more prominent in the life of the church. The money given to this organization goes to finding relief for natural disasters, providing food for the hungry, and giving aid to the poor and oppressed. The money given provides help to three organizations: the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, the Presbyterian Hunger Program, and the Self Development of People. The Presbyterian Disaster Assistance deals with not only natural disasters, such as the Flint water crisis or the Tennessee wildfires, but also “man made” disasters, such as Aleppo. The Presbyterian Hunger Program does not just provide food to the hungry, but also works to ensure end hunger: They advocate for those who are hungry as well as provide education about food and nutrition. Lastly, the Self Development of People helps to raise awareness in order to promote justice, build stronger communities, and gain economic equality. The money given to One Great Hour of Sharing is spread throughout the entire world so that all may experience a safe, healthy life.

You can contribute to One Great Hour of Sharing using the special offering envelope, or simply by marking your contribution as “One Great Hour of Sharing.” You can also contribute online.

~Josie Buckhout