Our congregation is committed to Mission; relieving suffering and sharing God’s love, especially in the areas of hunger and safe housing. Some of our members feel called to do... (More...)

I cry to the Lord. I call and call to him. Oh! That he would listen. I am in deep trouble and I need his help so badly. All night long I pray, lifting my hands to Heaven,... (More...)

Our Special Offering this Month is for Pentecost. Unite young people in Christ and inspire them to share their faith, ideas, and unique gifts with the church and the world. Global... (More...)

1.) Would that my eyes could see you, Lord, The calling of your voice; I’d haste to do your bidding and In all your Will rejoice. 3.) If I could only see you, if my ears... (More...)

Well, mission trips, for one. If you read about our mission trips in February’s Disciple, you know we’ve got a trip for everyone. And for those of us who aren’t physically going... (More...)

  We hope you had a blessed and happy Easter. We hope the “Family Conversation Questions” from SPARK added special meaning to your Easter discussions! If you missed... (More...)