Youth Group: How’s It Going?

Youth Wordle BLOG

We’re halfway through the first year of the new youth ministry model we implemented at the start of this program year. We’d like to share some achievements and observations…

Youth Group by the Numbers

15-20…Number of Youth who regularly attend

2+…Number of times per month youth group meets

Dozens…Members of our congregation who have cooked, caroled, chaperoned, driven, planned & led activities.

4…Number of adults who co-facilitate the youth meetings. Also known as the Core 4

 What we’ve done so far:

Caroling at the Field Home

Some team building through group games

Prepared meals, soup, hot coffee for Midnight Run

Took action within our community during Random Acts of Kindness Week

Attended a basketball game at Marist College to support one of our former youth, Tori Jarosz

Visit our website ( for some upcoming events pertaining to our themes of Food Justice (March), Stewardship of the Earth (April), Trigger Peace (May), and Homeless Awareness (June).

What we’ve observed

The Coordinator is a linchpin of this model. In order to engage so many leaders, youth, activities, planners, and volunteers, there must be one person with a view of the big picture. This lesson was brought home to us after starting the year without a Coordinator in place. Since the appointment of Alice Chin as Interim Coordinator, we can more clearly see the potential ahead as well as some of the tweaking we have yet to do.

We’re grateful for the generous spirit, awesome ideas, and good humor of the many, many adults who have joined us. “This is the way it should be!” exclaimed a former Youth Group Leader in one of our planning meetings. Truly, if we build it, not only will they come, they will bring their friends. Wouldn’t it be great if we needed to bring more chairs?!

We like to extend our gratitude to so many who have helped make all the events not only possible but successful… Ken Sherman, Karen LaBonte, Dave Monk, Jack Shaughnessy, John Winget, Beth Gruber, Greg Kemp, Pam Darreff, Matt Hager, Heidi Haring, Wanda Diaz, Aly Winget, Jean Post Winget, Amy Coccodrilli, Krista Bussell, Susan Boyd, Rita Child, Denise Hetz, Karen Gerth, Stephanie Hare, Ann Everingham, Tami Seidel, Emily Monk, Mable Seymour, Connie Knapp, Gloria Coccodrilli, Lynn Shulman, Pam Lupfer, and Robin Corpolongo.

At the start of the year, Ken Sherman, one of our steadfast Core 4, kept standing up in worship to announce how excited he was. You know what? He still is. And so are we!

From Karen, Alice, Dave, Jack, and Chip…AKA (Also Known As) the Design Team