How will you and your family observe Lent?

BLOG - LENT feature picThe season of Lent is a time to examine ourselves and our lives, to become more aware of the obstacles that get in the way of our relationship with God and one another, and to try out some new spiritual practices that will bring us closer to God and one another. Lent is not just something we do in church on Sundays, and it is not simply about giving something up.

This year I would invite you to take Lent home with you and to find some new and creative ways to make God a part of your life together at home. Here a few suggestions:

– Around the dinner table or at bed time, ask each other, “Where did you see or meet God today?”

– Take time to pray before meals. (A surprising number of us don’t.)

– Do a family service project that connects you to people in need.

– Engage our Lenten theme on Glittering Vices. At first the vices (vainglory, envy, sloth, avarice, anger, gluttony and lust) may sound old-fashioned or irrelevant, but let’s take a closer look. In doing so, we find that what were once considered pretty serious sins and moral shortcomings, our society now either trivializes or sensationalizes in some pretty unhealthy ways. How can we as spouses, parents and children become more aware of the harmful ways these vices influence our lives and then create healthier patterns for living in relationship with God and one another? The Sunday morning Faithful Parenting class will focus on this very question throughout the season of Lent. All are invited.

This Lenten season, may your faith journey be one of self-discovery, growth and exploration toward the new life that awaits us on Easter morning.

Tami Seidel, Parish Associate