Operations Update

BLOG Operations The story of February has been snow! Jose has been more than busy clearing the walks and entrances to our Church facilities. He has come in early on many occasions this month and stayed late to be sure he was up with of the latest storm and prepared for the next one. As everyone knows, there have been several snow days where everything was closed. A big thanks to Jose for his efforts in dealing with the snow this past month!

Our work on facilities improvements has continued during the past month despite the extra efforts dealing with snow removal. As reported previously, classrooms 3 & 4 have had remediation work underway. The good news for this Disciple article is that both rooms have been completed. That includes digging out cracks, taping, spackling, sanding and painting.

Our next area for remediation work is the treasurer’s office. As previously reported, the old wall mount A/C unit was removed and the hole in the wall plugged up. Jose is now busy doing the prep work for painting the room.

In March (dates to be determined), we will begin the remediation of the tile floors in the gathering space and the cross hallway. Many tiles have been loosening presenting a trip hazard and ugly appearance when cracked and broken. All of the tile in these areas will be removed, a special 5 ply subfloor put down and then new tiles will be laid over the subfloor. This procedure will strengthen the floor and remove sponginess. The tile pattern will be the same as now exists in the West hallway which was redone using this same procedure several years ago.

We are already looking toward our Spring Work Party which will likely be held on Saturday, May 17th. The Spring Work Parties are a time when we try to bring everything out of the doldrums of winter and spruce things up for the coming of spring & summer. This is a time of camaraderie and fellowship as well. Please mark the 17th on your personal calendars and plan to join us for a fun workday. As always, lunch will be served, and we will finish up in the early afternoon.

One of the key words (and actions) that came out of our Session Retreat was HOSPITALITY. Operations is looking for ways that the commission can contribute to and improve hospitality within our Church. Please let us know of things we can do as a commission to further improve our facilities and practice hospitality for members, visitors, community users of our classrooms and staff?

Should you see something that requires immediate attention, please contact me directly or speak to any member of the Operations Commission. Thanks for your help throughout the year in keeping our facilities in top-notch shape!

Dick Seymour, Chair of Operations/Facilities Coordinator