What makes a great Midnight Run meal?

The confirmation class thanks all those who volunteered to make MIDNIGHT RUN MEALS

Here are the items to put in the bags.  Meals should be dropped off by 7pm, Fri. Jan 29th in the kitchen. Please write on each meal what type of sandwich is included. Thank you so much!!!

  • A hearty sandwich- should have a substantial amount of meat. Lettuce, mayonnaise and mustard are certainly welcome
  • Fruit and/or vegetables- preferably something durable, like an orange or banana. Apples are okay, as are fruit cups, but with these a plastic spoon should be provided.
  • A hard-boiled egg or something with a high amount of protein.
  • A juice box
  • A dessert or two- such as cookies, brownies, candy bars, or a granola bar.


The message these meals tell the homeless is we care about you!

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