Highlights of Church History – Changing Times

  • Organized weekly church meetings began in 1730
  • A 28’x44’ building was erected on a 3 acre lot in 1738. It had a gallery on 3 sides and a canopy over pulpit,
  • No full-time minister until 1761
  • After three expansions to the Christian Ed building in 1950, 1955, and 1961, the church purchased the O’Connell house next to the manse with thoughts of building a new larger sanctuary (membership had swelled to over 1,000).
  • In the 1980’s, 6 of our members became ordained ministers — an example of the strong influence of our Christian education program.
  • While some programs have ceased over time (Ladies’ Missionary Society, Men’s Fellowship, Saturday Evening Service), others have been created (Midnight Run, Food Pantry, Concert Series, etc.).

Through changing times our focus has remained on worshipping God and serving others.

~Dick Hunter