Toys for Tots 2015 a Big Success!


Toys for Tots POST

Volunteers Sophia Primiana, Amy Primiani, Marty Scatola, Christine Edelman, and Drew Edelman

The  Deacons, acting as partner with USMC Reserve Yorktown Area Chapter, held their Toys for Tots distribution  on Saturday, December 12.

800+ toys were distributed to 140 families with a total of 438 children. Almost 90% of the Toys for Tots clients are registered with our Deacons’ Food Pantry.

Thanks to Boy Scout Troop 165, to three Girl Scout Troops, and girl scout Leaders Amy Primiani, Jennifer Turner, and Tish  Sullivan. We were fortunate to have an abundance of volunteers. Special thanks to Debbie Sepa, Mary Kate McLaughlin, Kathy Anderson, Maria Adams, Marty Scatola, and Justin  Leftwich, who performed pivotal roles on Saturday. Also thanks to the Yorktown Police Department, and adult male members of our congregation who helped to organize the crowds and maintain safety.

In addition to toys, we gave out a total of 650 bagels, 850 candy canes, and served coffee, cookies, and kool-aid.