The April 25 Pantry– Thank You Volunteers!


Many many thanks to the volunteers who unloaded 9000 pounds of food on Friday, who packed 3500 pounds of fresh produce, the people who donated over 100 boxes of breakfast cereal (boy did we need it), the teams that packed over 200 bags of groceries on Friday and another 130 today,  the traffic managers this morning, and the distribution team.  One of our volunteers took 240 pounds of cheese to the Mohegan Fire Department refrigerators on Friday and retrieved it at dawn this morning.

The traffic pattern today snaked all the way around the paved lot and then again through the gravel lot — 31 cars in the queue at the peak —  but it all ran smoothly.  We helped 218 families today, nearly 1500 people, and another 61 new families registered.  The clients, new and old, were so grateful that we continue to support them.  Thank you ALL !