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Be a Diaper Sponsor – Help Cover Bottoms in Need!

The Deacon Diaper Ministry is a new initiative to help the youngest in our community. Diapers are expensive!  Parents struggling financially are often choosing to change diapers less often so that they can purchase food and other necessities. This leads to discomfort and other health issues for their babies.

While we can’t offer an unlimited diaper supply to all, we want to help lighten the burden.  Our goal is to set-up a table at one Food Pantry per month where we will provide a 5-day supply of diapers for Food Pantry clients who request it.

Through the generosity of the Deacons’ Fund, we are able to provide diaper assistance for just over HALF of the people who ask. Our goal each month is to provide a one week supply of diapers for EVERY client who asks, so we are extending our call for help!  We have reached out to businesses and foundations, and now we are reaching out directly to the FPCY Faith Community.

Donations in any amount can be sent to the office or dropped in the offering plate marked “diapers,” or entered through our online giving page.

You can also select one of the “sponsorship” levels below. You can use a “recurring donation” on the online giving page to easily become a monthly sponsor!

Monthly Sponsorships

1 child 5-day supply $6
4 children 5-day supply $24

Yearly Sponsorships

1 child 5-day supply, 12 months $72
4 children 5-day supply, 12 months $288

In-Kind Donations

Donations of bags and boxes of diapers (especially larger sizes – 4, 5 and 6’s) are also accepted and can be dropped off at the church office.


As a reminder, the Diaper Drive is a ministry of the Deacons. This is operated entirely through the Deacons’ Fund and is handled separately from Food Pantry donations.

-Carl Anderson, for the Deacons