Share your Christmas Cookies with the Residents of Jan Peek

On the fourth Saturday of each month, three families from our church deliver a hot meal to the residents currently experiencing homelessness at the Jan Peek House in Peekskill. In December, this happens to fall on Christmas Eve. Given how busy this day is for our church community, the Hunger Action Team has decided to alter our usual routine. The meal itself will be catered by Cole’s Market. But there is still a big role that you can play!

If you’re already planning to make Christmas cookies for your family and friends, why not make a somewhat bigger batch and give an extra dozen or two cookies to the residents at Jan Peek? The cookies — along with the love and care you bake into them — will bring extra cheer at what can be an especially stressful time of the year. Perhaps, as you eat your cookies amidst the many comforts and blessings of home, you will imagine our neighbors at Jan Peek — who are currently in a less comfortable and blessed position in their lives — enjoying those same cookies. You might contemplate what other more substantial things you could do to help (such as volunteering for a Jan Peek meal in 2023).

If you’d like to contribute cookies to this cause, then please let us know by December 16th. There are two options: a) contact Nance Thompson or b) use Signup Genius and click on the “Cookie Baker” role on December 24th, then click the blue “Submit and Signup” button at the bottom of the page. You will see a Quantity dropdown. Please use it to indicate how many dozen cookies you plan to contribute.

There are two cookie collection dates. One option is to leave your cookies at the dropoff table in Fellowship Hall/Gathering Space (depending on the state of the kitchen renovation) on Sunday December 18th before noon. The second option is to leave your cookies on the table in the library on Friday December 23rd sometime before 3pm. If you’re using Signup Genius, it would be helpful if you could indicate in the comments your likely collection date. If you need to make alternative arrangements, please contact Nance Thompson.