News from the Mission Commission – October 2015

News Flash: FPCY Goes on First International Mission Trip in Eight Years!

Wait- ­has it really been eight years?! Well yes it has. And rather than wait another eight years, we’d like to be able to send a team to an international site every two years. How can we make that happen? Help us figure that out. A Mission Trip Task Force is forming now to start planning for our next trip. Interested? Let Stephanie Hare or Lisa Flanagan in the office know.

Carol Myers has been our coordinator for our Amnesty International letter writing campaign for nearly nine years. We are grateful for Carol’s faithful service, and are now looking for someone to coordinate this once a month activity. We need someone to coordinate NOW since we write letters from October until June. This is a great way to meet members of the congregation as they stop by to sign letters. Amnesty International identifies human rights issues and provides information and templates for letters. You can learn more here:­involved/take­action­now. Interested? Contact Connie Knapp, 914.671.5114.

Did you know that much of the Mission Commission’s work is done outside of meetings? Many of the folks working on mission activities don’t attend our meetings—those are mostly used to plan and coordinate our work. So, if you:

  • want to cook a meal once a month with another family and serve it a Jan Peek House, see Pat Prauda.
  • want to get involved in the Noon Time Meal? Contact Andy Mavian.
  • are interested in the Knit Togethers? See Noreen Radke.
  • want to help plan the next mission trips? Find Stephanie Hare.
  • want to go on a Midnight Run? Let Jean Post­Winget know.


If you have an interest in mission work, whether here or far away, if you have an idea for a mission activity that we are not currently involved in or if you are curious about how we plan, please join us on Tuesday, October 20 at 7:30 at the church, or contact Connie Knapp or 914.671.5114 for more information.