Come and Be a Blessing. Come and Be Blessed.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI had the absolute privilege and joy of working at the Food Pantry on a Saturday in January.  I have been coming to this church for over thirteen years, and this was my first time volunteering at  the Food Pantry.  While I had thought about going, I never quite got around to it.  The final motivator was becoming a deacon.  (but you certainly do not need to be a deacon – or even a church member for that matter, to participate.)   I was excited about going.  I got there at 8:00 a.m. and people were already patiently waiting in line for food.   I was put to work in the room where they put the bags of food together.  There are two kinds of bags.  Everyone gets Bag One, which has things liked canned vegetables, canned fruit, canned soup, cereal, pasta, rice, etc.  (They also get meat and bread.)  For people who have families, they also get Bag Two, which has some different things in it, like peanut butter, muffin mix, etc.  (as well as canned vegetables, fruits, and soup).  As I am a fan of organized, methodical activity, I enthusiastically worked on preparing Bag Two’s, filling each one with the items on “the list”, retrieving more items if we ran out,  moving the bags into the room where the clients pick them up, and starting over again to prepare more.

It was fast paced, high energy, not at all frenetic, and so very satisfying.  The camaraderie is palpable and the joy of service undeniable.  Three hours went by very quickly and I was pumped!  I felt so good.  I had given my energy and time to the service of others, had enjoyed the people with whom I worked, and I felt accomplished.  And it wasn’t even noon!

I am so impressed with the time, organization, and energy that goes into this effort.  And I was only seeing that day’s work.  Much goes into preparing for the morning.  And the people who participate give their time and their heart with joy.

I would so encourage everyone to consider working a Saturday at the Food Pantry.  It is a wonderful opportunity to serve others and to participate in the community – and IN community!  The Food Pantry is generally held the second and fourth Friday of each month.  You can check the schedule on the church calendar.

Come and be a blessing.

Come and be blessed.

Cynthia Fritz