Operations — February 2011

What’s New with Operations?

  1. Great progress has been made in Room 16 which is heavy used by Noon Unity. The room has been completely redone; including painting, removal of the very old and stained carpet, installation of tile on the floor, installation of new electrical receptacles for coffee pots and in-stallation of a faux tile panel on the East end of the South wall. One minor addition will be done shortly to cover the cabinet that holds coffee pots with a small piece of counter material with a backsplash panel so that spills do not go on the wall.
  2. Four new drawers have been added under the rear-facing pews in the area of the Audio Cabinet at the rear of the Sanctuary. These drawers will provide storage space for microphones, cables and assorted audio equipment. Doors of a similar construction as I did for the Audio Cabinet will be added to the pews in front of the drawers.
  3. The kitchen floor has been thoroughly cleaned and waxed with several coats of wax. All floors throughout the building have now been cleaned and waxed.
  4. The West wall near the bulletin boards approaching the Gathering Space has been painted as has the ceiling. We plan to continue painting in the Gathering Space as time permits.
  5. Three new darkening shades have been added to the windows on the East side of the Sanctuary. These have been used frequently since installation to eliminate sunshine from the video screen and the Pastor’s eyes.

Please let me know of any issues that need to be addressed.

Thanks! Dick Seymour for the Operations Commission.