Church Leadership

We have two co-pastors, Chip Low and Tami Seidel.

FPCY’s lay leadership includes a Session of Ruling Elders and a Board of Deacons.  The Session sets policy for and makes major decisions about the church.  The Deacons care for the congregation and community.

Commissions are volunteer committees that are formed by the Session to organize many church activities.  Much of the day-to-day work of the church is accomplished by the Deacons and these Commissions. The commissions’ work includes worship services and music, church education, buildings and operations, budget and finance, the missions of the church, stewardship, the website, monthly newsletter, and other internal & external communications, caring for our staff, and church life.  Volunteers are welcome!  Your talents, skills, and interests are what make our church the dynamic community we are. The current Commission Chairs are:

Budget and Finance Beth Gruber and Fred Mintzer
Communications Linda Swift and Bryan Ekelund
Congregational Life Emily Monk and Bill Winsted
Faith Formation Nicole DeCintio and Lynn Edling
Mission Eric Kreuter
Nominating Committee Nance Thompson and Bill Herman
Operations Ian Spence and Matt Hager
Personnel Alice Chin and Beth Gruber
Stewardship Jane Amato and Jessica Mayes
Worship Design Bill Herman and Abby Cross


(Members of our church community can find contact information for our chairs by logging into MyFPCY).