Fiercely Green – Tips From A Green Teen | Vol. 2

More Tips For Reducing Plastic Use

  1. Start a small garden so you don’t have to buy vegetables at the store. This may seem like a big task but if you start small it’s not that bad. There are many fruits and vegetables that you probably already have that can be planted. You don’t have to have a huge garden in your backyard you can simply just plant a few seeds in a small bucket and put it on a windowsill and just have fun. Who knows maybe gardening will be your next big hobby.
  2. Try not to get takeout from restaurants that use plastic to package their meals. Request aluminum packaging when taking leftovers home or ordering. If restaurants do not offer sustainable packaging then let them know that you would order from them more often if they offered a sustainable option. *If you use aluminum please make sure to thoroughly wash it before putting it in the recycling, because if you do not, it will not be recycled.
  3. Try taking your own produce bags and containers to the grocery store so that you do not have to use plastic packaging items that the offer. Here is a cute video on how to make a mesh produce bag. It does include sewing but is not complicated.


  1. Start your own compost. Compost is a simple way to reduce your food waste. Here is a great article on why and how to start your own composed at home. 

~Lily Wallace