Garden of Hope — More Help Needed!

The GOH is going full swing! The FPCY plots are looking good and growing strong. We have beans, eggplant, basil, beets and radish, which we hope to continue harvesting into the fall. Thanks to a volunteer, the entire garden is being watered every morning. This has been an enormous gift and a relief to the entire garden. We have slowly been putting cardboard and wood chips between the rows and around the edges to help with weeds. The new fence went up in July. Big thank you to Kurt and Carl for all of their hours helping make that happen. The old fence has been taken down and repurposed.

The Thursday harvests have been respectable. They estimated 275lbs last week. Lots of collard and kale, beans, tomato, eggplant, radish, peppers, and tons of basil. This last week the GOH provided ALL of the produce for the FPCY pantry. We could always use more volunteers. The need is mainly with harvesting on Thursday after 4pm or Saturday 9-1, are always a good volunteer day, as Janet, the master-gardener is around and can direct and coordinate bigger projects. Especially on the weeks when the harvest is going to our pantry it is nice to have an FPCY presence.

Any volunteer is welcome to text me anytime (Dawna 206-947-7173) if they need direction or want to arrange a time to work together. Sign up.