The Ministry of Our Deacons October 2016

Deacons POST 2If you want to know what God wants you to do, ask Him, and he will gladly tell you, for He is always ready to give a beautiful supply of wisdom to all who ask Him.

~James 1:5

I recently found an old notebook of mine in which I had written some reflections. There was no date on the page but it must have been some time ago because I had no recollection of having written them. I share it with you below because I found the message interesting to me and worth passing on.

When I think of God’s creation and look around and out into the world, I think of a wonderful puzzle. A great big puzzle made up of many, many pieces – a beautiful colorful puzzle with all kinds of plants, animals, people and activities going on. What happens when YOU are almost finished doing a puzzle and you realize that there is a piece missing? You suddenly realize that ALL of the pieces are important – even that last little one – every piece is necessary to make the puzzle “whole” – complete; All of the people, animals, bugs, plants. Similarly, everything in life is part of God’s puzzle –a necessary part and with an important function to play in God’s plan. Every piece of God’s puzzle has a purpose. The Bible tells us in Romans 12:6 that God has given EACH of us the ability to do CERTAIN things well. Many people find this hard to believe but it is true.

I had been reading an article by Ganga Stone on the power of God’s love. Ganga was a volunteer in Manhattan in the early days of the AIDS crisis. She had been bringing meals to a man dying of AIDS. A local Pastor recognized her and asked what she was doing. When she answered he said, “you are not only delivering meals, you are delivering God’s love.” And here is where the idea for delivering specialized meals was born – “God’s Love We Deliver” has been in operation ever since. You can read more about God’s Love We Deliver online.

What Ganga Stone shows us is:

1. “Each of us can make a difference.” Since our society values professional expertise and training so highly many of us are tempted to think that we cannot make a difference in this world without qualifications. That couldn’t be further from the truth!

2. Individuals and small groups can often act when needed when more established organizations can’t.

3. You don’t have to go out of your way to find opportunities to serve – simply pay attention to the needs of those you already encounter in your daily life. Remember James 1:5.

4. Be willing to care and be encouraged to venture into the unknown trusting that God is there to help.

Ganga Stone tells us by her continued loving service and reminds us by her example that “The decision to serve others is the highest impulse of the heart and the rewards of such service are beyond measure. If you wish to taste this JOY, then just do it. Just take one step…. It doesn’t really matter what you do… it only matters that you do it.”

The reason I mention this to you here is that you will soon see that there are opportunities especially for you in our faith community – not only with the Deacons but also many other areas where you can step in and volunteer to give of your unique gifts. There will be opening in the Deacons’ many Ministries, on Session, in the Choir, Sunday Church School program and more – endless opportunities for you to join in loving service to show your response to the awesome message of God’s love for you, for each one of our Brethren and for all of creation – our ONE whole glorious puzzle!!

~C. Thorne