New in the Church Library October 2016

In the Church Library you can study the Bible, improve your spiritual life, learn about social issues, and many other topics. But sometimes you might just want to answer a specific question or learn about a topic quickly. Here are three new titles that could help:

Religion for Dummies by Rabbi Marc Gellman and Monsignor Thomas Hartman (200 G). This book has brief overviews of religious beliefs, rituals, and ethics for major world religions, as well as descriptions of holy books, people, places, days, etc. Best of all (from a librarian’s point of view), there is a detailed index.

Presbyterian Questions, Presbyterian Answers; Exploring Christian Faith by Donald K. McKim (285 W) consists of answers to 92 questions about Presbyterians. For example, question #16 is “Can we prove that God exists?” Question #60 is “Why don’t Presbyterian churches have altars?” Designed for group or individual study, it can also be a reference source.

More Presbyterian Questions, More Presbyterian Answers (285 W). Donald McKim has more questions to be answered. This volume is mostly about theology, worship, and selected social/ethical issues.

Look for these and other recent additions to the library on the “New Book Shelf.”

Carol Jensen, Church Librarian