New in the Church Library – June, 2012

In Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White; Thoughts on Religion, Morality, and Politics (261.1 H), Adam Hamilton proposes a richer, more thoughtful conversation that seeks truth on all sides of the issues and offers a faithful and compassionate way forward.  He discusses the culture wars within Christianity, and the destructive way they can drive non-religious people from Christ.  Asserting that there are ways in which both fundamental and liberal Christians can find common ground, he encourages finding “gray areas” of agreement.

Brian McLaren, considered one of the more articulate leaders in the emergent church, has a lot of questions, and he hopes Christians won’t avoid those questions.  In his book A New Kind of Christianity; Ten Questions that are Transforming the Faith (261.1 M), McLaren questions conventional truths and calls for a major overhaul of the Christian faith.  He poses questions such as “How should the Bible be understood?” and “Who is Jesus and why is He important?”  His answers don’t so much provide pat answers as give thoughtful responses which leave the door open for further exploration.  His tone throughout is humble, circumspect and low-key, inspiring the reader to reflect on Christianity and its place in the world’s religions.

Carol Jensen, Church Librarian