From the History of Our Congregation – June, 2012

How this little old church has changed through the years.  It may not seem like it as you look at it from the outside, but a lot has been added inside.

In the early 1960’s it was decided to bring the building back to the way it was when it was originally built, so the roof was re-done with wood shingles.  Through the years the roof has changed four times from wood to asphalt.  At this point they replaced the wood with architectural asphalt style shingles.  Lighting rods were installed to keep us safe.

From the roof we work our way down to the attic, where we see units for the air conditioning.  Look up at the ceiling and you will see big circular vents for the air conditioning.  If you look around you will see sensors to keep tabs on temperature.

A new ladder was installed (given by a member) for easy access to the attic and bell tower.  The pipe organ was installed in 1990-1991 which took the space between the two staircases upstairs.

On the back balcony by the organ is a new piece of technology, the projector, which is operated by a computer that lives behind the back pew.  The screen behind the pulpit is operated from the pulpit electronically.  There is a cabinet between the two pews which face towards the back of the church.  This holds the electronics for the sound system and the projector.

This 1840 church is certainly holding its own in the 21st century.

               Dick Hunter, Church Historian