March, 2012


1975 – At the General Meeting in January 1975 after long discussion and debate on a budget of $114,690, $12,690 of which was unsecured; it was decided to “Let’s risk it and trust God.” Our prayers were answered, for the income was $128,000. The session membership was increased to 21. After a pastorate of 9 ½ years, pastor Rev. Ronald James, resigned, to accept the leadership of a Presbyterian Church in Stamford, Connecticut. His pastorate had been a fruitful one as it boasted a total membership of 905 at the end of December 1975.

1977 – During the interim, commissions had to be reorganized and $2,500 spent on Capital Improvements. After a search by 13 members on the committee, Rev. William W. Kenney of Plattsburgh, NY was the choice along with his wife, Heidi and his two daughters, Stephanie and Stacy. He was installed as pastor, September 18, 1977.

1978 – After 5 months as pastor and at the Annual Meeting, he was thankful for the opportunity to serve in this church, broaden our ministry to individuals in the Pastoral Associate Program, have an active Junior High Fellowship, new Children’s Choir, 50 new people added to our Circle of Membership and Property Committee had accomplished needed repairs. Martha Rahte was elected an Elder, January 21, 1972 at the age of 16, came under the care of the Hudson River Presbyterian as a candidate for the ministry on September 26, 1978.

Pastors Who Grew Up in Church in the 1980’s

One most substantial influence of our Church and Church School is reflected in the many men and women who chose the ministry as a career and were under our care during their education. Here is the record during the 1980s.

Rev. Jeffrey Palmer  Ordained April 29, 1980
Rev. Debra Given Phillips Ordained June 29, 1980
Rev. Oluf Kongshaug Ordained March 26, 1983
Rev. Martha Rahte Winschell Ordained December 11, 1983
Rev. Lynn Shepard  Ordained June 17, 1984
Rev. Laurie Argyle Preisendanz  Ordained January 15, 1989

Dick Hunter, Church Historian