March, 2008 – 1930 to 1941

Knapp Farm, Jefferson Valley, NY on route 9N, 85 acres:

The church was left by will of Elizabeth Knapp, a farm after certain heirs were paid. Church had to take a mortgage of $5000 in order to get clear title to property and pay off the heirs. Due to condition of the house, buildings, etc., church was forced to sell the farm. The house had 9 or 10 rooms, large barn with cow house attached and some small buildings. There was a lot of communication between brokers, lawyers, etc regard to the farm. One broker said “The price I have it at is $11,000. Mortgage $5000. Cash required $6000. The fields are A-1, and the view very splendid. House much the worse for wear, and without improvements. But the land is really valuable, and in good state of cultivation.

There is a folder on the Knapp Farm with all the correspondence. I will do more on the farm later. Check the history bulletin board.