February, 2008 – 1938 Bicentennial Song

A song written by Emma H. Everitt to celebrate our bicentennial in 1938.

Tune: “Hail to the Brightness of Zion’s Glad Morning.”

The Yorktown Church 1738-1938

Hail to the church that was started in Yorktown,
Long, long ago, just two hundred years.
Faithful its been during many hard trials,
Never yielding to doubts and to fears.

Hail to the church that has given to Missions
Money and men for the great foreign field.
Trustful and earnest and still going forward
Working for peace, hoping war will soon yield.

Hail to the people, and hail to their leader,
Willing and able to conquer all need,
Giving of service and prayer and substance
Planting on earth all the true gospel seed.

Dick Hunter, Church Historian