Campaign Project Management Team and Operations Commission Update

The campaign and operations teams continue to be busy with renovations and maintenance projects, taking advantage of the flexibility provided by the empty building.

  • Renovations of room 16 near completion with dry wall painted, trim added, tiles replaced and the floor waxed.
  • After a few days and countless bags of weeds, the memory garden has been weeded. Thank you to the Coccodrillis! Many birds (robins and mourning doves) have taken sanctuary in this quiet space. There was a nest in each of the trees this spring and one on a downspout!
  • Outdoor painting and gathering space doors (repair and painting)
  • Room 1 painting has begun
  • The stairs at the South entrance by room 1 have been repaired.


As ever, we are so grateful for the support of the congregation and the faithful fulfillment of pledges, to enable us to do this work. If you haven’t yet made a commitment, please prayerfully consider participating in this campaign for the present (and future) of our Ministries of Faith. Pledges can be made via If you have made a pledge, but haven’t yet made a gift, or if wish to make a one-time gift, you can do so at your convenience here: