YAV Erin in Asheville: No Answers, Just Different Questions

Erin writes:

While I’m not invincible, my white skin meant that anything that could have happened to me (already way less likely) would have been handled differently than if the same thing happened to a person of color. I am not more valuable than anyone else. Somehow, society has decided that I am. Why? Why why why?

Over the past nine months, I haven’t had any dazzling insights into how to combat economic equality, or reduce societal racism, or solve cyclical poverty. My thoughts have simply become more nuanced as I work and learn alongside people who are deeply affected by injustice every day.

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On Sunday, August 26, 2018, we commissioned Rachel Carpenter, Brooke Cobb, and Erin Tolar, who dedicate a year of their lives to learn what God is doing through them and in them. We follow their journeys through their online blogs.

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