Overview of the prevalence of Mental Disorders

Statistically, one out of every five individuals in the US suffers from a mental health problem each year. One out of every 25 individuals in the US are dealing with a serious mental health disorder. Half of these individuals have the disorder in place by age 14. 75% of these individuals have the disorder in place by the time they are 24 years old.

A mental disorder is a clinically significant disruption of a person’s thoughts, moods, behaviors, or ability to relate to others, that is severe enough to require treatment or intervention to help the individual function normally. Most individuals with mental disorders receive no treatment. Over 40,000 individuals die from suicide each year. Those who do seek treatment are more likely to seek out clergy than mental health providers.

In our church we have wellness companions you can speak with who will listen and help you find appropriate professional resources to help address your problems should there be need. As we find in John 14:16 God is our eternal helper and spirit of truth. As such, we are all guided by Scripture to help each other in time of need.

Eric Kreuter, Mental Health Team