Thanksgiving Blessing For FPCY: Welcome Back!

From the Stewardship Commission:

Thank you all for sharing not only your treasure, but also your time and talents. Over the past two years, the Stewardship commission has sent thank you notes to the many who not only have supported our church through pledging, but also, those who have served our church in various ways.

We thanked those who addressed the maintenance and vision for returning to a beautiful, safe, accommodating place of worship. Though much of our country unfortunately closed down, we were bustling with upgrades and capital campaign construction. Stewardship has been grateful to all those “busy bees” who used their time and talents. We also recognized the many creative “techies,” who rose to the task of live streaming our services, preparing our sanctuary for simultaneous live streaming and face-to-face church attendance, as well as designing our website with a contemporary, heavenly view of our church grounds via drone.

Through all the COVID shutdowns, our church continued its outreach and fellowship calling. The Prayer Shawl and Knit Together groups kept knitting! Congregational Life continued Coffee Hours and Game Nights. The summer was filled with Hiking, Labyrinth Walks, Sing a Longs, etc. Our Food Pantry stayed operational and open! Stewardship is so grateful to our church leaders: our pastors, Session members, Deacons, liturgists, testimonial speakers, and talented musicians (young or old, in-house or guest, vocal or instrumental). They kept our church fellowship and hospitality available and alive throughout the pandemic and our Sabbatical Summer. Thanks to the many involved in the Reopening of our church, including the Usher Team, Faith Formation, and Sunday School. So many stewards sharing their time and talents for a smooth transition into a new year.

Finally, after thanking all the many active members of the church, Stewardship would like to express gratitude for those who worship with us, either by live streaming, or in the pew! As the pandemic has stretched our congregation beyond the walls of our church, we have explored new ways to be inclusive and welcome visitors to join with us. Thank you to all who visit with us, sing with us, worship with us, and pray with us: for those whom we pray for, and those who pray for us.

Whether you are a “busy bee” or a “techie”, a knitter or an usher, a leader or a participant in any of our many mission opportunities, a quiet fellow worshipper or a welcomed visitor, each of you are a Blessing! We invite you to engage with us on an unfinished pilgrimage: where we’ll ‘Reconnect, Remember and Recommit.’ and be “Led By Love, Forward in Faith.” And THANK YOU for sharing not only your treasure, but also your time and talents.

~Jane Amato, for the Stewardship Commission