Streaming Media Manager Position

This position will be for 10 hours per week. The responsibilities for this position will be:

  1. Preparing for Sunday livestream
    • Work with office manager to make graphics to use in the stream
    • Preparing livestream posts
    • Creating/posting shareable links
    • Creating digital order of service in streaming software
  2. Production management of the livestream
    • Setting up cameras, computer, and tech equipment
    • Regularly testing/balancing microphone levels
    • Planning camera shots and angles
    • Running cameras/computer/soundboard during the service with volunteers
  3. Creating audio files for posting
  4. Creating digital content (e.g. videos, audio, etc.) as needed for services or other communication opportunities
  5. Training and supervising volunteer Tech Team and Camera Crew members

Salary is $20 per hour for 10 hours per week. Please send a resume or letter detailing your relevant experience to