Fahnestock Lakes Winter Walk Saturday, January 8th

Saturday, January 8th at 10:00am
3.7 mile loop (with shorter option)
We’re on for a January walk at Clarence Fahnestock State Park! We’ll meet at 10:00am—a little earlier than usual—at the parking area on Dennytown Road, right where it meets the Sunk Mine Road. (Note that this is a little ways north of the bigger Appalachian Trail parking area on Dennytown Road.) We’ll walk in on the Sunk Mine Road and then follow a loop along Three Lakes Trail and the Old Mine Railroad.
This is a mostly level trail, but there are some up-and-downs and rocky spots. It looks like we’ll have some snow on the ground by then, so be sure to have warm footwear with good traction, and maybe bring along those poles! We’ll see two of the three lakes, and pass quite near some of the old iron mines that were served by the railroad whose bed we’ll be following.
You can read a description of the hike here, but note that we’ll be following it in reverse: