Doubt Sunday

Friends. Last Sunday, we asked our questions and shared our doubts during the worship. That experience shares our vulnerabilities and concerns, but also makes us more human as we name them in the community of one another and the presence of God. Below are questions and doubts that were written down. Thanks for your openness to one another and honesty in what you shared. Both what was written down and the comments made as I sought to respond to some of them were quite powerful. We are all on a journey of discovery, learning to live in the mystery of God and be people of the resurrection. I am thankful for all the ways God teaches us through one another. As always, if you see something here that sparks a response, post it this page, send me an email, do both, call, whatever. Let’s keep talking about these important questions and doubts.

Here is what you wrote:

Doubt God’s love for us because of war and deaths from weather related destruction and deaths!

How can God allow all of these natural disasters to cause such death and destruction?

Why can’t amazing people conceive children?

I am worried that I will not be able to get my children to understand why church is so important.

What does life everlasting mean?  What stage of our life do we “live evermore” (i.e. what about babies who die?)

I doubt that we will overcome the natural tendency to look at others different than ourselves who will be seen as wrong or bad.

Where is the morality in killing “innocents” in the name of democracy?

The loving God I know who is also the God of Jews and Muslims…would He/She exclude them from heaven?

How can only one great being (God) control, watch over, the universe?

How does doing a good deed for another become an act of faith?

Why does God allow catastrophes to happen in the world?

Does God really exist?

With so much destruction in the world today how do we keep up our faith?

I have been told God watched me and saw everything I did. Probably to keep me from being bad.  Does he watch each of us every minute?

Inaction in the face of senseless war and destruction (killing of grandchildren in Libya this morning)  Doubt=will human beings ever live the life of Christ?

How do I keep my faith when faced with adversity?

I wonder if there really is eternal life after death?

Are there really angels among us?

Do the e great religions all worship the same one God?

Still, after all these years, still having trouble with the actual physical resurrection!  I can appreciate its spiritual meaning…but…

Will we be punished for not following the practices of other religions?

Why does God permit medical tragedies/death/cancer in children?

Do our Hindu friends really go to Hell?

Is Christ coming back to us in a physical way?

why do innocent children get stricken with serious illnesses (diabetes, cancer, etc…)?

What really happens when we die?

While we know that God blesses and forgives all people…it absolutely puzzles me that nature is so unforgiving–droughts, tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods.  Is this because people no longer honor the earth?

Why was Judas so vilified for doing his part of “the plan”?  Why wasn’t Peter and the others equally treated (vilified) for denying Jesus as his part of “the Plan”?

How is being a Christian different than just being a good person?

Where’s the line between allegory and historical fact?  Adam & Eve; Jesus’ miracles; Resurrection.

Some would say that my Jewish daughter will not be accepted into heaven.  Is there a official Presbyterian stand on this?

I am filled with doubts – only faith and snippets of evidence

What if Mohammed is a little bit right?

If God loves his children on earth, shy does he let us suffer from grief and loss?

If God does not leave people in tombs, why are there so many homeless people with no money or support?

Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard – Last worker (1 hour) is paid same amount as worker who works 8 hours.  Please explain.

Other than being one of the 3 at the Crucifixion, what do we know about Jesus Barabbas?

When one prays and asks to be  better at ones dream, practices everyday and nothing seems to be the case – years working at a craft, love it, work at it.  Others succeed with the same desire and are successful – I can’t seem to be successful.  Is it my destiny by God?

How much stress is one person expected to be able to manage?

When the answers to our prayers are not the ones we want to hear.

What does God look like?

I doubt my ability to be a good parent to my child.

How can the defensive wall my sister-in-law has (to let God into her life be broken down?) when she feels life is so unfair?

When God gives you [did they mean takes?] someone to love, how can he help you to move on? become one again with God and yourself.

Can our triune God really triumph over evil?

Must I believe literally (every word) in the parables?  Or is it OK to believe in them symbolically as illustrations of ethical and moral principles?

doubt – the after life in heaven

Will God be ever present?