Did You Know? MyFPCY = REALM

Things to know about our online member site:

MyFPCY and REALM are the same!

  1. MyFPCY is the name of our online directory/giving site for members. REALM is the software that runs it. So when you hear one name or the other, they are basically the same!
  2. What is the purpose? MyFPCY/REALM connects our church administration, giving and community in one place—one that is safely “in the cloud” and accessible from anywhere with a web connection. It allows for better organization of church groups (commission & class notes, Sunday School attendance, etc.), and more.
  3. Why should members create a log-in? With a log-in, here are just a few things you can do:
    1. Update your contact information and picture and control who sees what of your information
    2. Access contact info of fellow members
    3. Pledge, schedule online giving, review and print your giving statements
    4. Send notes/updates to fellow group members
    5. Download the REALM Connect app for quick access to your newsfeed (group communication), member contact info and giving
  4. What if I don’t want a log-in? MyFPCY/REALM is where much of our members-only access will take place—including the church directory. While we hope you give it a try, we understand that some will not wish to participate. If that is the case, you can still get information from the weekly bulletin & e-mail, monthly newsletter and church website. If we have your email address, you will also get email notifications from any groups that you are in (you can reply to those notes, but know that your reply will be seen by all in the group as it will be posted on the group’s newsfeed). We will be offering assistance as needed for those who are tech-savvy as well as to those that are tech-newbies. So please try it out!



To make the most of our new online directory, we need your help! By default, all member info was imported as “private”- meaning only staff can see your contact info. In order for our members to connect with one another, we ask that you make at least one contact method (phone or email) public. Think of it like being in a traditional printed directory. If you haven’t had a chance to log-into your myFPCY account or you just don’t feel tech savvy enough to go it alone, let us make the change for you. Members of our Communications team will be around with a clipboard in the coming weeks. Look for your listing, make changes, highlight what can be shared and initial it showing your permission. Thank you!