Blessing of the Animals October 4

On Sunday afternoon, October 4th at 2:00 pm, The First Presbyterian Church of Yorktown will offer a Blessing of the Pets. The blessing of animals reminds us to celebrate creation, and God’s message that we shall be faithful stewards of the earth. Members of the community are invited to bring their pets and gather in the back parking lot at 2:00 pm for the ceremony and individual blessings led by Pastors Chip Low and Tami Seidel. Families may wish to bring a picture of a pet that is too sick to come, who may be temperamentally unable to attend the ceremony, or who has died in recent years and for whom the family is thankful.

In light of Corona-19 precautions:

Please park in the parking lot next to Route 132
The service will be in the back parking lot.
We will stand in predesigned spots that allow for distancing.
Please wear a mask.