A Night of Presentation & Conversation with author Lillian Daniel


The phrase “I’m spiritual but not religious” has become a cliché. It’s easy to find God amid the convenience of self-styled spirituality-but is it possible (and more worthwhile) to search for God through religion?
Minister and celebrated author Lillian Daniel gives a new spin on church with stories of what a life of faith can really be: weird, wondrous, and well worth trying. From a rock-and-roller sexton to a BB gun-toting grandma, a church service attended by animals to a group of unlikely theologians at Sing Sing, Daniel shows us a portrait of church that is flawed, fallible-and deeply faithful. With poignant reflections and sly wit, Daniel invites all of us to step out of ourselves, dare to become a community, and encounter a God greater than we could ever invent.Humorous and sincere, Lillian writes and speaks about finding God in the most unexpected of places: prisons, airports, yoga classes, committee meetings, and, strangest of all, right there in church.

For more information about Lillian Daniel, go to www.lilliandaniel.com. Click here to read When Spiritual But Not Religious Isn’t Enough. All attendees are encouraged to read her book, but it is not necessary to attend.