Want to Learn More About our Butterfly Garden?

Butterfly Garden tour POST


We have beautiful gardens around the church tended by our “Gardeners of Eden.” Just one example is the “Butterfly Garden,” which you can find near the back parking lot, next to the preschool playground. The butterfly garden contains plants specifically chosen to attract butterflies.

Bees, flies, and butterflies are excellent pollinators, fertilizing trees, flowers, and shrubbery. The pollination of a plant is necessary for it to reproduce, contributing to the production of flowers and berries. This is an important process, required by all plants with the exception of grass, wheat, and corn.

You may have heard that bee populations have been in decline. Supporting bees by planting flowers around your home can help support this vital part of our eco-system. So, while we may not think of our flower gardens as anything more than a delight to the eye, they are playing a role in conserving our environment.

greenfaith_generic_blogYou’ll have a chance to talk with our gardeners, see the gardens around the church, and share some gardening tips. Please join us! This is the same day as our Stewardship Ice Cream Social, so get your ice cream, socialize for a bit, then we’ll meet in the library to talk about gardening!

Check out some photos of the sorts of plants in our gardens!