Join the Plastics Challenge!

You can join a challenge this week to reduce your single-use plastic use (or at least become more aware of it!)

If you’re a fan of Brian Lehrer on WNYC you may have heard about this. 

Here’s a bit of a summary:

Enter at any level: keep a log, take a picture of all the single-use plastic from your week, or the substitutes or hacks you find to #PlasticChallenge and tag @brianlehrershow (and @FPCYorktown!) if you’re so inclined. Use that hashtag on Instagram and Twitter with pictures of things like:

  • The non-plastic cutlery you keep at your desk;
  • The barista refilling your reusable coffee cup
  • Your WNYC eco-tote [or other plastic bag alternative] in action;
  • The log you’ve kept of all the plastic you’ve used or avoided using this week;
  • The pile of discarded single-use plastic you’ve kept just to see how big it gets;
  • The glass jar you take to the bulk-goods store;
  • The single-use plastic you simply can’t do without, and why;