Change Your Diet (in Small Ways) for the Planet

I subscribe to the Nutrition Action Newsletter which each month offers some useful advice on how to eat healthier. This month, in observance of Earth Day, it provided an article about ways to modify our diet to have less of a carbon footprint. Before you say “oh no, I can’t go full vegetarian,” you might be surprised to learn that just a few changes could make a big difference. “For people who eat beef– and that is about 20 percent of the U.S. population on any given day– they could cut their dietary carbon footprint in half by replacing beef with chicken or pork.”

Eat less beef. By far, beef has a far bigger carbon footprint than other forms of meat. The recommendation is to limit beef to 3 oz per week. You could switch from beef ribs to pork ribs, for example, or go from a hamburger to a turkey or chicken, or better yet, a plant-based burger.

Read the whole article; it’s short, and informative!

~Donna Gresh, for the Green Team