Consider the Food Pantry for your end-of-year gifts

A gift to the food pantry in a loved one’s name is always in good taste!

Remember that every cash gift is doubled by our matching grant.

Gifts may be made online or by placing gifts in the offering plate marked “Food Pantry,” or by mailing checks marked “Food Pantry” to the church office.

What our food pantry does:

  • Numbers of clients 150 families, 500 individuals per pantry
  • Food Supplied average 5000 lbs per pantry
  • Volunteers average 15-25 per pantry

Our Food Pantry today provides a significant measure of critical relief to those who are food insecure. Some interesting statistics:

  • most of our clients only come 3 or 4 times to fill short term needs
  • we serve a significant number of elderly people and veterans in our client population
  • while our pantry’s unrestricted geography brings in additional clients, it also allows us to obtain increased grant funding.


Please also consider gifts to the Deacons’ Fund for diapers or school supplies so that we can meet our clients’ needs beyond food.